Who we are

This page has been created for those vehicles which will be transformed for the street food. They mainly vans vintage of every make, model and age. We take care to restore your vehicle and equipped it for the sale of sandwiches, fries, desserts, burgers, pizzas and again, cuoppi etc. We carry out these productions both on vehicles on trailer trucks. We can give life to your dream and give this spell. Obviously there will be onboard water system, electric and sink facility, we can also install refrigerator, ovens, fryers, roasters, sales counters and all you need for your business. Contact us for more information. Arrangements for the street food in Naples.

Construction isothermal insulation under A.T.P.

• Allestimanti for street food.
• Preparation Ape street food.
• construction and / or expansion of cold storage.
• Preparation of the means for renewals A.T.P.
• Renewals A.T.P.
• Building insulation read.
• Construction isothermal.
• Arrangements for oxygen transport.
• Hunting Arrangements.
• Arrangements special use vans.
• Repairs and painting vans and boats.
• Installation and maintenance refrigeration unit.
• Support and maintenance of the body.
• Mobile shops.
• Realization demountable buildings.
• Realization of artifacts.
• Construction and custom modifications.