ATP Furgoni a norma ATP

What is A.T.P.

The ATP is the regulation for cin refrigerators refrigerated vans temperature-controlled transportation of perishable food intended for human consumption. A.T.P. = Accord Transport Perissable, which is short for “Agreements on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and the Special Equipment to be used for these transports”. The Statement ATP is the result of a European agreement signed in 1970, by some states, including Italy, which imposes certain rules in the construction of isothermal fittings for refrigerated refrigerated transport for the transport of perishable food at controlled temperature, and certain requirements for users. Assume legislative in 1977 and, since September 1984 he was assigned the responsibility to the Ministry of Transport and Navigation, which will provide the technical inspection audits by the Provincial Offices of the MCTC, the sanitary aspect remains the sole responsibility of the Ministry of Health, via the ASL. La Norma ATP prescribes types of perishable foods to be transported in a controlled temperature regime and the temperatures at which the refrigerators and refrigerated transport must be carried out, these limits are consistent with those established by the Ministry of Health (Decree No. 327/1980 and DM 12/10/81)